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Clover Roofing specializes in roof coatings in Illinois that can prolong the life of your low slope roof and add valuable energy savings.

A coating is a monolithic fluid applied, fully adhered roofing surface that protects your existing roofing system from the damaging ultraviolet sunlight and becomes the primary waterproofing layer.

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One of the first things I tell people is that a coating system cannot save a failed roof. However, it can save a roof that is nearing the end of it’s reliable life.

A perfect example is the Carbondale Civic Center. It’s EPDM membrane was beginning to get tears in it and a few details where starting to come apart. It required some general rubber repairs and a couple squares of underlying insulation to be replaced.









On to the Silicone Coating…

First we cleaned every inch with a specific cleaner and pressure washed it. Then we spray applied a 2-part epoxy primer to ensure good adhesion to the EPDM. Preparation is key with coatings. Then we applied Seamsealer to the details and rough areas for extra reinforcement. We then roller applied GACO S-20 100{0a52f1307a1e791f5d1c490c0aeba9b51131fcaf7c10d31637e2be825c5683bc} Silicone at a thickness of 2.5 gallons per square to achieve 38 dry mils. GACO Western has authorized this roof for a 20 year warranty with the new coating to the specifications! The cost is half the cost of a new roof, plus they now have a “cool roof” which qualifies for federal tax credits. These are sometimes referred to as Liquid Rubber.


The three biggest keys to success with a coating are Preperation, Product Specification, and Proper Thickness. We prefer GACO S-20 because it’s a high-solids 100{0a52f1307a1e791f5d1c490c0aeba9b51131fcaf7c10d31637e2be825c5683bc} silicone product that can expand and contract with our weather changes in Illinois. Acrylics are not the same and will not flex near as much as silicone. GACO is also warrantied regardless of ponding water! This is huge, as acrylics will break down quickly in ponding water. We are a certified GACO installer and love prolonging the life of roofs if possible, which can be applied to:

-Metal roofs

-EPDM / TPO / PVC roofs

-Built Up roofs / Hot asphalt

-Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF roofs)

-Restaurant roofs – Resistant to animal fats!


If there the roof is too far gone or has moisture trapped under the surface, such as this scenario, we also offer roof replacements with a manufacturer backed 20 year warranty. We are the main installer for these coatings in Benton, Marion, and Mount Vernon Illinois.

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