Hail damaged roofs and what you should know about them.

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Do your screens have holes in them from the hail? Gutters full of granules? Dimples on your shingles? Call us at 618.687.4824 for a free inspection!

Large hail isn’t a common occurrence in our area of Illinois, but it does happen on occasion, such as the night of February 28th, 2017.  Hail larger than golf balls was reported in isolated area’s, and we have seen the damage from it. These homeowners will receive a new roof for the cost of their deductible if they have full replacement coverage. However, none of them knew what hail looked like: almost nothing. Small dimples on your roof that won’t leak for 10+ years in 99{0a52f1307a1e791f5d1c490c0aeba9b51131fcaf7c10d31637e2be825c5683bc} of cases! This isn’t Texas where hail stones can knock holes in your plywood.

I think I have hail damage, what should I do?

The first thing to know: There is no rush. Wait until the dust settles, a month or three after the storm. Line your roof up for the next fall, the next year, a year and a half afterwards! Your insurance company provides at least one year after the date of loss to identify hail and start a claim. Most insurance companies provide another year to get the work done.

There is no rush. There is no reason to go with a company whose main focus is storm repair and hires as many out of town crews as they can handle to replace the most roofs. Find a roofing company with bonafide employees. Ask for insurance papers, ask for a license, and ask how long they have known their employees.

Mistakes were made after the May 8th storm in 2009. Homeowners who had blown off shingles had no choice but to get any contractor they could find to roof their house. Many are paying for it now with costly repairs and replacements. We replace about one full roof per month that was installed after that storm, less than ten years later!

There are currently many stories (substantiated by your local news providers) of very large and small roofing companies that are in bankruptcy or even have company officials in jail due to unscrupulous business practices taking advantage of homeowners. And there are too many stories of homeowners having liens filed against their homes even after their contractor has been paid because the contractor failed to pay the supplier of the materials. Protect yourself and hire a professional you can trust.

If you think you have hail damage, we’d be glad to have a look and provide an estimate for replacement that is sure to bring comfort to your home for the life of the shingle, not just the during the time of our warranty. Murphysboro, Grand Tower, Pomona, Herrin, Johnston City – Get a roofer you won’t regret hiring!


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