Illinois Offers $30M for New Solar PV Installations

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If you or your business has been thinking about investing in a solar array to pay for or offset your energy bills, NOW is the time.

“House Bill 2427 frees $30 million from the Illinois Power Agency’s Renewable Energy Resources Fund that has been collected from clean energy fees paid by Illinois power suppliers. The law establishes a competitive procurement process to purchase energy from existing solar devices and from new solar installations. This could mean thousands of new solar panel installations on homes in Illinois. The law is effective immediately.”

This is in effect for commercial AND residential constituents of IL. If your going to put them on the roof, be sure the roof can handle the extra heat and weight. The solar panels attract extra heat which is rough on asphalt shingles, leading to a short life. Metal roofs are ideal for 3/12 pitch and above, either vertical seam or Decra stone coated steel shingles. See the picture below for a vertical seam roof with two different types of solar panels. Photo courtesy of

Low slope applications vary depending on if it’s a white roof or a black roof. TPO roofs can deteriorate faster around solar panels, so be sure to do that area with an “extreme” or “HD” quality membrane. Call for more information! (618) 687-4824

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