Shingles & Sheet Metal – Details Make The Difference.

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This is a homeowner built house, very interesting design but a roofing challenge. That’s okay because we love a challenge!

The new homeowner inherited some problems, a 12-15 year old roof that had problems everywhere. There was a dead valley that he had just spent over $1,200 to “fix” that didn’t really work. The chimney was taking in water, another low pitch valley was an issue, plus all the intersecting roof sections.

Even with simple gable roofs, the details make the difference between a 15 year lifetime versus a 25-30 year lifetime. This particular roof separates the herd of roofers. We would have changed more cedar and the skylights, but the homeowner was on a tight budget.

I fabricated the chimney cricket and dead valley out of 24 gauge Kynar coated steel. The dead valley has folded corners so they CAN’T leak there. I wasn’t wild about the windows being so close to the roof, but the homeowner didn’t want to change up the design. It turned out nice and I expect a long service life. That steel will be in great shape after the shingles turn to dust. Give us a call if you’ve got a project that needs special attention!

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